The Heating Methods in Nuwave Ovens

Many ovens fail to deliver on their promises, but the Nuwave oven is not one of such ovens. This oven is designed to deliver, and it does so every time, making it one of the best you can put your money on. It is a uniquely designed kitchen appliance that makes cooking a lot easier and faster at home. If you have not been cooking at home based on the excuse that cooking takes a long time, it is high time you gave this oven a try. It will help cook the food very fast, and you can get your breakfast ready within minutes so that you can take a satisfactory breakfast before you leave home in the morning.

If your favorite hobby is cooking, then you will find the Nuwave oven to be the best tool to keep that hobby alive. It takes away stress and delay from cooking and makes nutritious home cook a reality you can make ready at any time you like. If you need a kitchen gadget that is worth the money, then the Nuwave oven is the best to consider.  This oven does not break quickly; it will remain functional for years to come. It delivers what it promises to the letter also. You will find it to be a great addition to your kitchen. It is one oven you will fall in love with.  After a single trial with the Nuwave oven, you will want to do away with the regular oven and microwave.

Three cooking methods

Like we mentioned in Nuwave review article, One of the unique features that set the Nuwave oven apart is the cooking methods included in it. You will have access to three different methods in this oven, which are the convection, conduction and infrared cooking methods. These three methods are further explained below:

  • Infrared: The Nuwave oven is fitted with the Nuwave patent infrared rods. The heat generated by the infrared rods heat up the heating elements in the oven. The infrared is an invisible form of heat. It is radiant and travels over a distance to the heating element. It can penetrate the foods placed in the oven and get them cooked fast. The infrared heat is safe and will not lead to any health complication. It will cook the interior of the food and get it outside browned. The infrared heat is similar to the heat obtained from the sun. In fact, 80% of the heat generated by the sun is infrared.
  • Convection: This method of cooking is somewhat more familiar than the others used in the Nuwave oven. Convection represents hot air circulated all over the oven to produce even and uniform heating for the food placed in the oven. The oven is fitted with a quiet motor and custom-made fan that help to circulate the heat evenly, leading to a delicious browning of the food.
  • Conduction: This is the third source of heat used in the Nuwave oven, and it is used in pan-frying. In this case, the food is in direct contact with the heat. The food is placed on a dish or grill in the Nuwave oven.

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