Nuwave Oven Manual

The nuwave oven is undoubtedly among the best in the world today. It has many benefits that set it apart from the crowd. After reading the nuwave oven review guide, buying this oven will be one of the best decisions you have ever made regarding a purchase of kitchen appliances. The oven makes use of different cooking methods to fit the need of the particular ends user. Several cooking methods are included in just one unit. The various cooking methods include:

  • Conduction, which is common in many standard ovens
  • Convection, which is common in many fancy restaurants and it infuses foods with unique flavor
  • Infrared, which is one of the latest methods of cooking around.


The plastic dome on it is made using ordinary plastic.  The various cooking methods available in the oven makes it easy for the end user to switch from one cooking technique to another.  The oven can be used for barbecue or roasting chicken. If you like, you can bake or grill in the oven you can also fry or broil depending on your particular need at that moment.  If you like, you can also use the oven to steam vegetables, which is very difficult to do using any conventional pots and pans in the kitchen.

The nuwave oven is one oven you will want to invest your money in.  The oven is also relatively affordable.  You can get the cheapest for around $100.  The top models do not cost up to $200.  You can equally access free home delivery, especially if you order from Amazon.

You only need to carry out very little adjustment when using the oven. The oven makes for fast food preparation and can save you from the troubles of eating out. Buying the nuwave oven is the right investment for your kitchen.  It is your best helpmate if you have already made up your mind to cook at home. The oven will give more value than the conventional home cooking utensils. The oven is portable and only needs a small space in the kitchen.  Furthermore, it does not consume much energy. Consequently, you will not have to spend an arm and a leg on electricity bill; this is one feature lacking in many other ovens.

Nuwave oven instructions

The nuwave oven may be one of the best ovens around today, but it must be used carefully. For example, it must be stored away from the reach of children, along with all other electrical appliances. This is one of the principal nuwave oven instructions you must keep in mind at all times.  Continue reading to learn about other essential instructions to consider when using this product.


  • Never immerse the power head, plug or cord into water or any other liquid at any time.
  • Never pick up the appliance if it has fallen into the water. Once this happens, get it unplugged immediately
  • Before you start using this appliance, always read all the warnings, safeguards and instructions to be on the safer side.


You should follow the warnings below to lower the risk of injury, fire, electrocution or burns when using this appliance.

  • Never allow your children to use this appliance. Make sure you make close supervision of the kids anytime they have cause to use the appliance.
  • Never use the appliance for any other purpose aside from the ones stated in the brochure and other highlighted purposes.
  • Any other attachment or accessory not mentioned in the brochure must not be used along with the oven. If you do, you may increase the risk of personal injury, electric shock or fire.
  • If you notice any damaged plug or cord, do not use this appliance; wait until you have repaired the damage before using it. Also, do not use it if it has dropped into water, damaged in any way or not working properly. When you notice any damage or fault, contact an authorized customer service center for adjustment, inspection or repair.  Only an authorized service representative must be allowed to repair the nuwave oven at any time.
  • Always keep the cord as far away as possible from any heated surface
  • When the oven is not in use, unplug it from a power outlet for improved safety. Also, unplug it when you want to clean it.  Leave it to cool before you take off any part or putting it on.
  • Pull on the plug to unplug the power cord at all times. Never pull the cord when you want to unplug the oven.
  • Also, do not force the plug into the power outlet
  • Never use the oven outdoors
  • The product must not be used where you are using a spray or aerosol or in a place where oxygen is administered.
  • Never allow the cord to hang over the edge of a counter or table. Also, do not allow the cord to touch a hot surface.
  • Never place the oven or its cord close to an electric burner, hot gas or heated oven.
  • Apply extra caution anytime you are moving the appliance if it contains hot liquid or hot oil.
  • Extreme caution must be applied when removing cooking rack or hot liner pan.
  • You can press the Pause/Clear button two times to disconnect the plug before you unplug.
  • The appliance must only be sued for the intended purpose
  • All the electrical wirings must be checked. Look out for damaged plug or cord. Use the appliance for household use only. The oven is made for processing normal household foods only.  It is also not advisable for commercial or continuous operation.

Parts of the oven

  • Powerhead: Programmable digital controls and easy to use
  • Dome: It is lightweight, transparent and BPA –free
  • Cooking rack: Comes with reversible heights of 1 to 3 inches
  • Non-stick liner pan: It is easy to clean, PFOA-free, non-stick and eco-friendly
  • Base: Can be used as a serving tray since it is cool to the touch
  • Dome holder: It is designed uniquely and can hold the oven securely

Some of the accessories are:

  • Stainless steel pizza flipper
  • 100% bamboo cutting board
  • Stainless steel pizza server
  • Silicone pizza liner
  • Etc.

The dome, cooking rack, base and liner pan should be washed properly before the first use.  The powerhead must not be immersed in water or washed. It also must not be cycled through a dishwasher.  You can wipe the outer surface carefully using a sponge or damp dishcloth.


From the nuwave oven directions given above, you would have noticed that the assembly and usage of the nuwave oven are very easy. If you encounter any fault in the appliance, simply link up with authorized repairers for a fast resolution of the problem.

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