nuwave oven reviews

All you need to Know about Nuwave Oven Parts

Ovens are not new to anyone who has ever walked into an average kitchen; it is an important equipment that has seen spectacular advancement over the years.

nuwave oven reviews

From mothers at home to professional chefs in the food industry, ovens have been crucial to the preparation of mouth-watering dishes of different kinds.

A good chef will always go for the best of anything that is related to his/her cooking, so if you are hungry for the best oven and have an eye for quality, brace yourself as I introduce you to an amazing product of NuWave LLC—the NuWave oven.

Like we mentioned in nuwave oven reviews, there are different types of ovens which exist in varying shapes and sizes, all these chambers of heat basically serve the same purpose; to bake, dry and cook food. The NuWave oven ticks all those boxes but it has other special upsides made possible with modern and ground breaking technology.

Despite the advanced technology behind it, the multiple award winning NuWave ovens are very easy to use. It has made a name in the small appliance industry as the first ever oven that uses conduction, infrared and convection heat, totally changing the way people cook to make it easier, faster, tastier, safer, and healthier than ever before.


As expected, this wonder product definitely has properties that distinguish it from other ovens in the market.

  • Thanks to the triple power heating system, your delicious meals will get ready in no time as this oven speeds up your cooking by working 70% faster than a standard oven.
  • It is portable and can be used outdoor for occasions like barbeque night, camp dinner, picnic, etc.
  • You can use this oven to cook for ten hours straight without any problems.
  • It does not require the use of any type of gas or materials that are unfriendly to you or the environment.
  • It saves energy, consuming up to 75% less energy than the regular oven out there. So you are not only getting top notch cooking with NuWave oven, you also save money on electricity bills!
  • NuWave oven parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.
  • Unlike what we are used to, you don’t have to preheat this oven or defrost your food before cooking it. It has been designed so you can set it to meet your food condition at the simple touch of a button.
  • It has a transparent dome which allows you to see the state of your cooking at any time.
  • The elevated cooking rack makes it possible for you to eat healthier foods when you cook with this oven. While your food is cooking, it can release up to 250% of fat dripping from the rack to settle at the bottom of the oven.
  • The oven comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturers.


After going through the superb qualities mentioned above, I am sure you are wondering how this oven gets to do all that. Well, it’s all thanks to amazing technology and the team of experts that built the oven.

It is possible there are products that get over hyped during commercials and promotions, but NuWave oven is one of those products that keep to every word of their promise.

You’ve read about the speed of cooking and juiciness of food after using this oven to conveniently roast, bake, grill, air-fry, broil, barbeque, steam and sear. Best believe you’ll get exactly that as I am going to break down the working process of the NuWave oven so you get to know how it gets the job done.

Triple power heating system

Conduction, convection and infrared are the three mechanisms that work at the same time to give your food an even distribution of heat, which is why it cooks faster and comes out better.

When something hot comes in contact with something that is not hot, it shares heat with that material. The dish in the oven is what transfers heat to your food. This is the conduction process and it’s usually the only one used in the regular ovens. The NuWave is not a regular oven and therefore, the conduction process is not the only means or cooking food—which brings us to the convection process.

Hot air can cook food when circulated for a period of time, this is the convection process and it is used by the NuWave oven as well. While the conduction cooking is in play, there is a special fan built inside the oven that evenly blows hot air around the food. Great, isn’t it? But that’s not all; let’s see how the infrared cooking works.

Like we mentioned in Nuwave oven reviews, Infrared is a form of heat energy that the makers of NuWave oven have employed, using patented technology to heat food by infrared; which ensures that the inside and outside of any food you put in the oven will get a good amount of heat, uniformly distributed.

So when you put in your food, let’s say meat for example, it gets heated by conduction from the grill and hot air blows around the meat by convection in the oven. At the same time, infrared technology heats the meat and gives it a special touch of browning.

By simultaneously making use of these three systems, it is no longer difficult to understand why the NuWave oven is as special as it is. It’s on a league of its own, giving all types of food, especially meats, a deep and fast cooking like you’ve never seen before.


Having a good knowledge of NuWave oven accessories and parts will go a long way in helping you maintain this multipurpose oven. Here is a list of NuWave oven parts and accessories, including their unique functions and maintenance tips.


I’m starting with the dome because it is probably the most complicated part of the oven. Unlike other ovens that usually have domes made of tempered glass, NuWave LLC chose to use plastic with heat resistant qualities.

It is a transparent plastic that serves as a protector and means of viewing your food while it’s cooking.

Because the oven is portable and can be carried around, there is a high tendency of the dome falling or having a crack. No wonder it’s not made of glass, imagine the injuries one could sustain from a fall of the oven dome, even a crack could leave wounds and ruin the entire cooking experience.

The oven dome is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. If you ever feel the need to replace it because of a crack, breakage from an accident or any other reason whatsoever, be rest assured that NuWave oven dome replacement is affordable and hassle free.


This component sits proudly at the top of the oven and is by far the most important of the NuWave oven parts. The power head is the only part of this oven that is NOT dishwasher safe because it serves as a hub for the oven’s wiring, the infrared rods, the fan, the motors and heating elements. Placing it in a dishwasher will have you saying bye bye to your beloved NuWave oven in no time.

If you’re asking yourself how to clean the power heard of your oven, follow these steps;

  • You’ll need two pieces of clean cloth
  • Dampen one of them
  • Carefully clean pass the damp cloth about the power head, applying a little pressure if you need to remove a stain.
  • Immediately use a dry cloth to wipe off any extra moisture

The power head comes in different types and color combinations. If at any point you need a replacement, you’ll have to choose between the digital power head, the analog power head and the power head classic. You can get separate replacements for your fan and motor if they get damaged.


The analog control dials and digital panel are parts of the power head and are the means you use to control or adjust the oven’s cooking temperature, the power level, and cooking duration.

If anything ever happens to these components, just have it at the back of your mind that you must buy a new power head since they cannot be separately replaced.


The cooking rack is the part where you place your food and let it experience all the magic that only NuWave oven can do. It is always advisable to have extra cooking racks in case you need to use one while another is dirty or being washed.

Remember when I mentioned the conduction process of cooking? This rack is the part that transfers the heat to your food when you place it on top, and as the other two cooking processes are taking place, your food comfortably sits on the rack so it plays a very important role in the oven operation.

When buying extra or replacement cooking racks, make sure you clearly state the type you want. There are three types; the mini rack, reversible 1/4 inch and reversible 2 inch cooking racks.


When getting NuWave oven accessories, know that it is not complete without the extender ring. Despite being an optional part of the machine, the NuWave oven extender ring adds an important feature of versatility to the oven.

The 3 inch accessory works hand in hand with the cooking rack to enhance the oven’s capacity.


The liner pan is made to fit into the base of your NuWave oven and other trays and dishes, depending on what you are using to cook.

As far as cleaning the liner pan goes, it is best to avoid using a dishwasher for it. Why? The reason lies in the single fact that it is enameled. The dishwasher is hot and contains chemicals, so to prevent the liner pan from slowly disintegrating, simply clean it by using warm water to wash it.

To replace your pan liner, ensure the one you order is compatible with your NuWave oven.


It rests at the bottom part of the oven and serves the purpose of holding the liner pan. Unlike the liner pan, the base is totally safe for dish washing.

It is not a common case for NuWave users to want replacement for the oven base, but if you happen to be in this extremely rare condition, there are replacements available for you at reasonable prices. The base can be found in different color combinations but all cost around the same amount. It is good to buy one that matches the color of your oven; it would look funny to have conflicting colors of your oven parts.

It should be noted that if you are still under the manufacturer’s one year warranty, you don’t need to spend money on buying any NuWave oven replacement parts, you will have them sent to you free of charge.


Place the base in such a way that it remains stable and make sure that the wire handles are at the lowest possible level when setting your pan inside the base.

There is a height recommendation for the various types of food that go into the oven, if you are unsure about the one you’re about to cook, refer to the NuWave oven’s cooking chart.

Fit your cooking rack inside the liner pan and place the food on top of it.

When you have finished preparing the food for cooking on the rack, get the oven dome and place it over the food so that it touches the base.

Carefully place the power head on top of the oven dome, use a clockwise turn to fit it securely in place. If you do it properly, you ought to hear a confirmatory click sound.

Use the analog dials and digital control panel to set your desired, power level, cooking time and cooking temperature.

After every use, make sure you clean the NuWave oven. This is not only a proper hygiene practice; it is also a form of preventive maintenance.


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