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The Heating Methods in Nuwave Ovens

Many ovens fail to deliver on their promises, but the Nuwave oven is not one of such ovens. This oven is designed to deliver, and it does so every time, making it one of the best you can put your money on. It is a uniquely designed kitchen appliance that makes cooking a lot easier and faster at home. If you have not been cooking at home based on the excuse that cooking takes a long time, it is high time you gave this oven a try. It will help cook the food very fast, and you can get your breakfast ready within minutes so that you can take a satisfactory breakfast before you leave home in the morning.

If your favorite hobby is cooking, then you will find the Nuwave oven to be the best tool to keep that hobby alive. It takes away stress and delay from cooking and makes nutritious home cook a reality you can make ready at any time you like. If you need a kitchen gadget that is worth the money, then the Nuwave oven is the best to consider.  This oven does not break quickly; it will remain functional for years to come. It delivers what it promises to the letter also. You will find it to be a great addition to your kitchen. It is one oven you will fall in love with.  After a single trial with the Nuwave oven, you will want to do away with the regular oven and microwave.

Three cooking methods

Like we mentioned in Nuwave review article, One of the unique features that set the Nuwave oven apart is the cooking methods included in it. You will have access to three different methods in this oven, which are the convection, conduction and infrared cooking methods. These three methods are further explained below:

  • Infrared: The Nuwave oven is fitted with the Nuwave patent infrared rods. The heat generated by the infrared rods heat up the heating elements in the oven. The infrared is an invisible form of heat. It is radiant and travels over a distance to the heating element. It can penetrate the foods placed in the oven and get them cooked fast. The infrared heat is safe and will not lead to any health complication. It will cook the interior of the food and get it outside browned. The infrared heat is similar to the heat obtained from the sun. In fact, 80% of the heat generated by the sun is infrared.
  • Convection: This method of cooking is somewhat more familiar than the others used in the Nuwave oven. Convection represents hot air circulated all over the oven to produce even and uniform heating for the food placed in the oven. The oven is fitted with a quiet motor and custom-made fan that help to circulate the heat evenly, leading to a delicious browning of the food.
  • Conduction: This is the third source of heat used in the Nuwave oven, and it is used in pan-frying. In this case, the food is in direct contact with the heat. The food is placed on a dish or grill in the Nuwave oven.

4 Meals You Can Prepare With Nuwave Oven

After you’ve read our reviews on NuWave oven, You know that the nuwave oven is among the best ovens in the world considering its many features, which are absent in many other brands of ovens.  It is the best for cooking all manners of foods.  The oven also works for all kinds of food preparation methods, be it cooking, frying, barbecuing, steaming and so on. Additionally, the oven can save time and energy. Food preparation methods never take too much of your time. Consequently, your breakfast or dinner can be ready within minutes. A study has shown that the oven only requires one-third of the energy consumed by the conventional oven, which makes it the best energy saver. Consequently, you will never have to empty your bank account to pay for energy consumption at home.

Some of the foods you can cook in the Nuwave oven are:

  • Fish and meat
  • Fries: First of all, coat the fries with some salt and olive oil and then cook it setting the temperature to high. Continue cooking for about 20 minutes. The food will emerge as a tasty piece, as well as healthy.
  • Corn on the cob: first of all, add some butter on the corn and put the mixture on the rack and allow it to cook for up to 10 minutes.


You can also use the Nuwave oven to prepare pizza perfectly. After preparation, the pizza will be free from the unwanted burned crusts with a cold center.  You will love the perfect outcome and the unique taste. Conventionally, you will need to cook pizza upside down. Also, you need to buy pizza accessory kit so that you can make the pizza hassle-free.  One of the accessories is a liner, which prevents the toppings from falling when you are making the pizza upside down. You may need to cook the pizza for up to 20 minutes while placing it upside down, never forget to flip it after few minutes until it has become brown


One other food you can prepare using the Nuwave oven is the lasagna.  The food always tastes great especially when it is freshly prepared. You will get better results when you prepare your lasagna using the Nuwave oven compared to the conventional oven.  The preparation may take up to 30 minutes. However, the size of the lasagna is the major factor that determines how long the preparation can take.  You can also transfer the lasagna from the freezer directly into the oven. In this case, you may want to add extra ten minutes to the cooking.


The Nuwave oven also makes your shortcake preparation very easy and fast. In the end, the shortcake will also be tastier than when you use the conventional oven. After creating your dough, cut it into small balls. Afterward, put the balls in the liner pan and also make sure the pan is initially sprayed with oil before placing the balls on it.  Set the temperature on high and cook for ten minutes or thereabouts. Afterward, cut the cake and fill the interior with cream toppings and strawberries; you can also use another fruit. Your family will find this quick desert welcoming.

Few Benefits of Nuwave Oven

Do you need a functional oven that will give you good value for money and does everything it promises? Then the Nuwave oven is the best oven to consider. Many selling points set this oven apart from the crowd. Aside from its unique functional inclusions, the oven also has a unique design that can add to the aesthetics of your kitchen. It beautifies your kitchen and also improves the cooking experience. Never again will you have to spend a long time in the kitchen to get your food ready. Aside from saving time, the oven can also cook your frozen food fast; this means no need to defrost the food before you start cooking it. Studies have shown that this is a healthier way to cook since no need to preheat the food first.

Additionally, the Nuwave oven is very easy to clean and maintaining it will not cost you an arm and a leg.  You can use the oven for all manners of food preparation, be it air-frying, dehydration, steaming, baking, barbecuing, grilling, broiling, and roasting. Call it an all-encompassing, holistic method of cooking, and you will not be far from the truth.  In this write-up, some of the unique benefits of this oven will be discussed.

A time saver

This is the number one benefits of this oven. No need to preheat. As a result, it does not take too much time to get the food ready.  Preheating can take additional time and make the food preparation a lengthy adventure. If you want to prepare a fast breakfast or you want to fix a quick dinner after a hectic day at work, this feature of the oven will prove to be a lifesaver. One of the features that make cooking very fast is the various cooking methods featured in this oven. The infrared cooking method, for example, makes cooking very fast by radiating heat evenly to every part of the food so that it can be cooked faster. Preheating is required in the conventional oven, but not in this one. You can bring your food out of the freezer and directly into the oven. Consequently, you can save several hours off the cooking time. In this case of a conventional oven, you will need to first defrost the food before cooking it in the Nuwave oven.

Good taste

The nuwave oven does not just cook your food, but it also adds great taste to the food.  It makes your fish and meat more delicious than any other cooking method.  You will love how nicely browned, juicy and tender your turkey and chicken turn out.  The browning and juiciness make the food delicious. The food will be tender, juicy, and look beautiful. No flame is used in cooking the food. As a result, no “flamed” taste when you eat the food. The Nuwave oven is the best for you if you are in need of a quick, tasty steak.  Aside from adding juiciness, browning and great taste to your food, the Nuwave oven can also get the food ready with little effort.

A Little about the Origin of Nuwave Oven

The nuwave oven is one of the best ovens you can ever come by around. The product is a brainchild of Hearthware Inc., a company well known for the production of top class home appliances. They have several products to their credit, and one of them is its unique product called Nuwave oven. Nuwave ovens are of different types, and each of them has proved to be reliable for kitchen use. If you need an oven to cook your food fast and give you the best of experiences in the kitchen, then this is the perfect product to go for.  It will never fail on its promises.

Hearthware Inc. is located in Libertyville Illinois. The product delivers on its promises “As Seen on TV.”  It is a countertop oven, and it will not require much space on your countertop in the kitchen due to its portable state. Yes, the product will prove to be among the most portable you have ever seen or used. It can be moved around as you like and you can change its location in the kitchen if placing it in the former position is not convenient anymore. Additionally, you do not need to preheat or defrost the food before you start preparing it with the Nuwave oven; this means you can transfer the food from the freezer directly into the oven. Consequently, the oven can help save a lot of time in the kitchen during food preparation.

Up to date, the company has been able to sell over three million units of the Nuwave oven. This is among the highest any oven making company had ever sold within a very short period.  As at today, the product Nuwave oven is the number one among all the countertop ovens being sold in the United States. The oven deserves this position considering its unique features and effective in the kitchen. Additionally, this product can save up to 85% of the energy you would have expended if you were using the conventional oven. It also carries out its food preparation process using infrared, convection and conduction methods of heat generation. These are features that no other oven can boast of, which also are feature that has given it the first spot among all the countertop ovens in the United States today.

The publicity has gone far and wide all over the United States. The oven has featured on several TV stations, programs, and shows, like Good Morning America, FOX, CNBC, ABC and so on. This in itself further promotes the interest of Americans in this brand. The beautiful thing is that the oven had been able to deliver exactly what it promises, thereby winning the trust of Americans far and wide.  The company had been in business since 1997, and it has warmed its way into the heart of Americans over the decades.  In fact, the brand has done more and achieved more than virtually all the other oven brands that started operation and production before the company; this is an indication of hard work and dedication to top class production on the part of the company. For more details, Check out our article about Nuwave Oven reviews and other products.

Features That Make Nuwave Oven a Lifesaver

There are many ovens out there today, but Nuwave oven stands a head taller than virtually all of them. This is one oven that has warmed its way into the hearts of many Americans today. If you have been using any of the conventional ovens, it is time you gave this oven a chance. It will prove to be one of best investments you have ever made in your entire life. If you call this oven a life saver, you will not be far from the truth because it is a lifesaver in all sense of the word. What makes it a lifesaver? Continue reading to find out.

Features that makers Nuwave oven a life saver

First and foremost, the oven is built to save time. Yes, never again will you have to spend several hours to prepare your foods. With this oven, you can prepare the food there times faster than ever before. A food preparation process that may require up to one hour with the conventional oven may not take more than 30 minutes.  So if you need to prepare your breakfast in a hurry or you need to fix dinner very fast before retiring to bed at night, this is the best oven you can trust in. It is it gets the food ready in no time, and you can start gulping down delicious and healthy meal in no time at all.

Since you will only require a short time to prepare the food using this oven, it means you will also not require much energy or effort to fix a quick breakfast or dinner. For example, you do not need to defrost or preheat the food before you start the preparation. You can move the food from freezing temperature in the freezer directly into the oven, and it will get the food cooked in no time at all. This unique feature is not accessible in other ovens, which may require defrosting or preheating before you start cooking the food in the oven.

Another feature that makes Nuwave oven a lifesaver is the fact that it only uses about one-third of the energy required by conventional ovens. If you wish to know other features of Nuwave oven, Check out the Nuwave oven review article here. If you have been spending $100 on energy bill when using the conventional oven, for example, the bill can reduce to just $30; that is very amazing, you will agree.  Never again will you have to empty your bank account to pay for energy. You can put aside the amount saved over energy and spend it on other very important things.

Additionally, the Nuwave oven can be used in preparing all kinds of foods. All methods of preparation can be carried out using this oven. As a result, no need to buy any other kitchen appliance for food preparation aside from this oven. Furthermore, the Nuwave oven is portable and can be taken anywhere without any problem. You can change its position and lift it easily of the countertop. Aside from being portable, the oven is also lightweight. It does all the job you can ever expect it to do in the kitchen and it does them perfectly.

Reasons Why Nuwave Oven Is Best For Your Kitchen

There are so many benefits in the use of the Nuwave oven. It is one oven like none other, and it has all the benefits you can ever hope for in an oven. Individuals that are health conscious should consider this oven ahead of every other oven type. The oven is designed to extract excess fat from the food cooked in it and makes the food fat-free for healthy and more delicious food. If you do not like eating too much fat, then this is the best oven to use in cooking your chicken and turkey.  Whenever you place the food in the oven, the fat will immediately drip out and leave healthy protein behind. The excess fat will collect in the drip tray placed at the bottom of the oven. Such fat dripping feature is not available in the conventional oven.

Continue reading to find out about top notch features that sets this oven apart.

Energy Saver

Nuwave oven saves time and makes your food delicious. Additionally, it saves a lot of energy. If you have been spending a lot of money on an energy bill to keep your conventional oven working, you should rather go for the Nuwave oven. It will get your food cooked fast and efficiently without consuming too much energy. You can reduce your carbon footprint by using this oven. You may not believe it, but Nuwave oven only requires 1/3rd of the energy used by the conventional oven. For one, you will never waste energy on preheating the food. When you use a conventional oven, you need to consume energy to preheat the food before the actual cooking, especially if you bring the food out of the freezer freshly. This energy-consuming step is not necessary when you use the Nuwave oven.

Additionally, the unit does not produce much heat and will, therefore, not heat your kitchen up and make the place uncomfortable when you are cooking. Conventional oven, on the other hand, will get your kitchen heated up. Just imagine how very uncomfortable the kitchen will become in hot weather.  The oven also works without conflicting with the air conditioner in the home.  Since Nuwave oven does not produce heat or flame, it never heats up the home or causes the smell of smoke in the home, which are some of the risks of the conventional oven. Consequently, never again will you fear fillets or salmon steaks.

Easy reheating

You can use the oven to reheat the food, and it does this very easily.  It works perfectly for reheating various foods, like veggies, pizza, and meat. Just any food can be reheated very easily using the Nuwave oven. There is no better, easier and faster way to bring your food back to life than via this product. The reheating process of the Nuwave oven is far better than what is obtained in a conventional oven. The reheated pizza in a conventional oven will end up having a crust and getting rubbery or hardened in texture; this will never be the case when you use the Nuwave oven. Check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide on Nuwave Oven and it’s Products.

Distinguishing Features Of Nuwave Ovens

Nuwave ovens are among the best out there today. They have all the features that make for a trendy and technologically advanced oven. These ovens are built to last for long, and they do not require too much maintenance. Buying a Nuwave oven is a worthy investment; it always gives top value for money.  In this write-up, you will learn a couple of things about this unique brand of oven.

Below are the unique features that set the Nuwave ovens apart from the other types of the ovens out there. The features highlighted below are common to many of the types of Nuwave ovens being sold today;

  • No need for pre-heating and defrosting of food
  • They feature three cooking methods, which are infrared rays, conduction and convection. These cooking, methods get the foods prepared faster than any of the other traditional cooking methods.
  • They do not require a long time to cook the food; they work faster than any of the other traditional ovens or cooking methods.
  • Each of the brands of Nuwave ovens feature digital control located at the top, which makes it easy to set the desired temperature and cooking time, depending on the particular food being prepared.
  • The design is innovative and it keeps the heat in while the cooking is ongoing. As a result, there is abundance heat to penetrate into the food being prepared. The heating system is also designed in such a way to prevent your food from getting burnt.
  • High quality plastic material is used in building its Dome. As a result, the Nuwave oven is lightweight and also durable. It also reduces the hotness of the oven during cooking.
  • The Nuwave ovens are generally safe for washing in the dishwasher. However, the head must not be washed in the dishwasher since it has electronics circuits.
  • You can use this oven to cook a large quantity of food thanks to its Stainless Steel Extender Ring. Consequently, you can cook up to 14 pounds of ham or 16 pounds of turkey using this oven.
  • Conventional ovens may need oils or fats for cooking; that is not so with Nuwave ovens; no need for such at all. It features a specially designed drainage mechanism that ensures up to three times of the fat dripping can be removed during cooking.
  • Furthermore, the oven is highly affordable. You will not have to empty your bank account to buy it.
  • The oven is designed in such a way to produce uniform heating at all points. As a result, the food can be cooked evenly and quickly.
  • Nuwave ovens are easy to use; the digital control further promotes the ease of use.

The above are few of the many features that set the Nuwave ovens apart from the crowd. If you are looking for the perfect cooking solution in your kitchen, then read the complete reviews on Nuwave Products. The oven is portable and will not require much space in your kitchen.  Each unit of the Nuwave oven also comes with a long-term warranty.

The Features That Make Nuwave Oven Unique

 Do you need an oven that can get your foods ready fast and with less effort? The best you can ever go for is the nuwave oven. Aside from quickening food preparation, the device is also portable and affordable. It is designed to give value for money.  Additionally, the oven adds flavor to the food and makes it tastier than any other cooking method.  Do you need an oven that can save energy and reduce how much you have to pay as energy bill? Then this is the best oven to consider. It uses only one-third of the energy used by the conventional oven.  Also, the oven is fitted with up to 10 power levels, which permits the end users to adjust the power generated by the oven to suit different kinds of cooking. Consequently, you can use the oven to prepare any recipe you like.

Conclusively, there is no better way to prepare your food than with nuwave oven. It does not just get the food cooked, but also makes it delicious. You can also set the timer so that the oven can turn off automatically after the cooking is complete. Consequently, you do not need to make several trips to the kitchen to check what you are cooking in the nuwave oven while the cooking is ongoing.  This means you can sit down and relax all through the period the cooking is ongoing.

Nuwave oven works based on convection and infrared technology, which are features that get the foods cooked very fast. This high-tech oven is the perfect secret weapon for fast and efficient cooking in the home. If you love to eat breakfast before leaving home for your 9 to 5 job, you can use the nuwave oven to get the breakfast ready very fast. You can also fix a quick dinners using this oven if coming back home tired and hungry after the day’s work. You will never have to rely on fast foods anymore; studies have shown that fast foods are junky and not healthy. They always contain excess salt and fat, which do not bore well for your health. You have no control over the preparation process or hygiene of those foods bought at fast food joints, but you can control the process of the foods you prepare at home and also ensure they are prepared in the most hygienic condition. Things even get better if you can prepare the foods very fast; this is where nuwave oven comes in. it will prove to be the best cooking solution you can ever come by.

Furthermore, the oven is made to last long. Each unit comes with long term warranty as we mentioned in review guide on Nuwave Oven. As a result, you will not need to repair it for a very long time. Even if any fault occurs, you will not have to send a dime to repair the nuwave oven provided the oven is still within the warranty period. The spare parts and accessories are also available; you can get them from the manufacturer and many of the outlets selling oven accessories.

The Factors That Make Nuwave Oven Different From Others

There are many ovens out there today, but none of them is as effective as the nuwave oven. Even its name indicates that it is a new creation for an improved cooking experience in the kitchen. If you have been looking for a more effective way to get your food ready, this is the best oven to buy. You will never regret using this oven since it has all the features to make cooking interesting. With nuwave ovens, cooking is no more a duty, but a pleasurable pastime. It makes the kitchen functional for less. This oven is a multifunctional kitchen appliance that can be used for various forms of food preparation, like cooking, roasting, frying, steaming and so on. The functions are simply limitless. In this write-up, some of the many features of this unique oven will be discussed.

Ease of operation

The nuwave oven is very easy to operate. It is fitted with a “touch and go” panel that makes operation very easy and straightforward. No need for any special training or instruction on how to use the oven; it presents all the essential things you need to know right at your fingertip.  The oven features an adjustable power level via which you can adjust the heat generated by the oven. The heat level can be changed from 1 to 10 so that all kinds of recipes can be accommodated in the oven. Consequently, you will not need to worry about other kitchen appliance since the nuwave oven can do it all. The various temperature settings also ensure the oven can be used for different methods of food preparation, like air-frying, dehydration, steaming, barbequing, baking, grilling, roasting and broiling.

Collect fat and oil

One other unique feature of the nuwave oven is its ability to remove fat and oil from the food being prepared. As a result, you can be saved from consuming excess unhealthy fat. If you are cooking food or meat rich in LDL for example, the oven works in such a way to remove the unhealthy cholesterol and leave the healthy one for your consumption. The outcome of the food preparation is a healthy and delicious meal that will make you ask for more.

A bottom liner pan is fitted to the interior of the oven where the fat and oil collects during the food preparation process.  There is, therefore, no better way to prepare a delicious, tasty and healthy food than this.


One other unquestionable quality of the nuwave oven is its affordability. No need to spend your life savings to buy this oven. It will give you good value for your money and also deliver on its promises. It provides a clean and energy saving means of food preparation.  If you have been looking for how to cut down on energy consumption at home, then it is high time you gave this oven a try. It will only require one-third of the energy consumed by a conventional oven to get your food ready.  Bear in mind also that each unit of the nuwave oven comes with a long-term warranty. Also make sure you read our unbiased reviews on Nuwave oven products before making a purchase.

NuWave elite dome Oven

Where to Buy Nuwave Oven for Your Kitchen

The nuwave oven is among the best ovens money can buy.  It is one of the best methods of cooking you can ever introduce into a home.  The oven makes use of three cooking methods at the same time; they are the infrared, convection and conduction methods of cooking. First of all, we will describe these three methods of cooking before venturing into where to buy a nuwave oven.

NuWave elite dome Oven

Methods of cooking:

  • Infrared: The oven is fitted with the patented infrared rods called hearthware. The heating element generates infrared heat, which serves as the primary source of heat for the appliance.  The heat is radiant and invisible. It can penetrate your food and brown the outside of the food.  Infrared heat represents about 80% of the heat we receive from the sun.
  • Convection: This is among the most familiar methods of cooking, and it is used in virtually all convection ovens. Convection involves generation of hot air and circulated evenly in the oven.  The oven is fitted with a uniquely-designed fan and quiet motor, which work together to circulate hot air effectively. Consequently, it generates evenly –browned and tasty food.
  • Conduction: Pan-frying makes use of this type of heat. It is more or less like placing the food to be cooked in direct contact with the source of heat and allowing the heat to penetrate into the food. The food is placed on a dish or grill in nuwave oven.

Before you buy the nuwave oven, you may also want to consider some of the benefits.

Benefits of the nuwave oven:

  • A time saver: This oven can save effort and time. No need to preheat the food when you use this oven. This way, you can get the food cooked very fast and put an end to your gnawing hunger fast. This feature makes the oven the best for anyone in need of a fast breakfast or a quick hunger fix after the day’s work. The infrared heating method makes the food cook fast without having to wait for the preheating process of a conventional oven. The oven can also cook your food from a frozen state until it is completely done. Also, the oven can get the food cooked faster than any of the conventional ovens around.
  • Great taste: The foods cooked using nuwave oven also tastes great. It can get your fish and meat prepared fast and also infuses a unique flavor into the food.  You can cook your chicken or turkey whole or in part for a delicious taste.  It will brown nicely and also remain tender and juicy. The oven can get your beef, lamb, Pork, turkey, and chicken cooked as perfectly as any of the conventional ovens around.
  • It cooks food healthily: If you need to burn fat or are health-conscious, then you will find this oven to be your best partner. When you place fatty foods in the oven to bake or cook, the fat will drip out and collect in the drip tray at the bottom.  As a result, you can eat your food without the unwanted fat.  The food will also retain its natural tastes and juices. Conclusively, the foods cooked in the oven will have less fat and more nutrients, which makes the nuwave oven the best for healthy eating.
  • It saves energy: This is one of the best features that distinguishes nuwave oven from every other oven out there. The oven can help to reduce your carbon footprint. The oven only requires one-third of the energy you would have consumed in a traditional oven.
  • Food reheating is easy: You will find this oven to be the best for reheating foods. You can reheat any food using this oven, be it veggies, pizza and meat. The oven performs better than a microwave.  The crust will not get hardened or develop a rubbery texture when you reheat the pizza.  You can also reheat your takeout fried chicken left over from the day before.

Furthermore, nuwave oven customer service is among the best in the industry. You might also want to check out our reviews of nuwave oven devices.

Despite the pros, the nuwave oven also has some cons that you need to consider. Some of the demerits will be highlighted below:

  • Inaccurate cooking times: This means you may need to spend a longer period cooking.
  • Plastic dome: Many end users feel the dome should have been made of pyrex instead of plastic. The plastic dome tends to crack easily, and many end users are compelled to change it often.

A summary of the cons are highlighted below:

  • It is not the best for baking
  • Plastic dome may need to be often replaced
  • The cooking is not as fast as claimed
  • The cooking time is not accurate

The oven can be used to cook various foods, like

  • Fries
  • Corn on the cob
  • Meat and fish
  • Pizza
  • Lasagna
  • Shortcakes
  • Roasted vegetables

It can handle all manners of cooking, like

  • Roasting
  • Broiling
  • Barbecuing and grilling
  • Steaming
  • Baking
  • Dehydrating
  • Air-frying

Where to buy

You can buy the oven from various outlets. Principal among them is Amazon. Amazon, being a principal sales outlet, offers free home delivery, as well as highly discounted sales.

Before you buy from any outlet, consider the points below:

  • Free home delivery: Only buy from an outlet offering free home delivery. However, you stand a better chance of getting free home delivery if your home is located close to the sales outlet.
  • How long in business: Also, find out how long the outlet had been in business before you patronize them for the nuwave oven. Those outlets that had been around for a very long time can be trusted to provide a top quality oven for your kitchen.
  • Consider price: Before you buy a nuwave oven, compare several sales outlet and go for the one among them offering top quality at a reduced price. Some outlets are offering discount sales; partnering with them can give you the opportunity of buying the nuwave oven at a very low price.


The information above aside from showing you where and how to buy nuwave oven has also opened your eyes to certain facts about this product. After going through the information here, you can make an informed decision when buying a nuwave oven.