4 Meals You Can Prepare With Nuwave Oven

After you’ve read our reviews on NuWave oven, You know that the nuwave oven is among the best ovens in the world considering its many features, which are absent in many other brands of ovens.  It is the best for cooking all manners of foods.  The oven also works for all kinds of food preparation methods, be it cooking, frying, barbecuing, steaming and so on. Additionally, the oven can save time and energy. Food preparation methods never take too much of your time. Consequently, your breakfast or dinner can be ready within minutes. A study has shown that the oven only requires one-third of the energy consumed by the conventional oven, which makes it the best energy saver. Consequently, you will never have to empty your bank account to pay for energy consumption at home.

Some of the foods you can cook in the Nuwave oven are:

  • Fish and meat
  • Fries: First of all, coat the fries with some salt and olive oil and then cook it setting the temperature to high. Continue cooking for about 20 minutes. The food will emerge as a tasty piece, as well as healthy.
  • Corn on the cob: first of all, add some butter on the corn and put the mixture on the rack and allow it to cook for up to 10 minutes.


You can also use the Nuwave oven to prepare pizza perfectly. After preparation, the pizza will be free from the unwanted burned crusts with a cold center.  You will love the perfect outcome and the unique taste. Conventionally, you will need to cook pizza upside down. Also, you need to buy pizza accessory kit so that you can make the pizza hassle-free.  One of the accessories is a liner, which prevents the toppings from falling when you are making the pizza upside down. You may need to cook the pizza for up to 20 minutes while placing it upside down, never forget to flip it after few minutes until it has become brown


One other food you can prepare using the Nuwave oven is the lasagna.  The food always tastes great especially when it is freshly prepared. You will get better results when you prepare your lasagna using the Nuwave oven compared to the conventional oven.  The preparation may take up to 30 minutes. However, the size of the lasagna is the major factor that determines how long the preparation can take.  You can also transfer the lasagna from the freezer directly into the oven. In this case, you may want to add extra ten minutes to the cooking.


The Nuwave oven also makes your shortcake preparation very easy and fast. In the end, the shortcake will also be tastier than when you use the conventional oven. After creating your dough, cut it into small balls. Afterward, put the balls in the liner pan and also make sure the pan is initially sprayed with oil before placing the balls on it.  Set the temperature on high and cook for ten minutes or thereabouts. Afterward, cut the cake and fill the interior with cream toppings and strawberries; you can also use another fruit. Your family will find this quick desert welcoming.

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